Drowning in God (CJ 51:3)

letter from enochville (CJ 53:2)

Ishmael at Sixteen (CJ 53:4)

The Psalms of Jacob (CJ 54:4)

Who Knows Five? (CJ 55:4)

Living in God (CJ 52:2)

Forgiveness and Subtlety (CJ 56:4)

The boy at the Edge of the Cemetery (CJ 57:2)

Breaking the Teeth of the Wicked (CJ 52:3)

Deconstructing Leviticus 16 (CJ 48:3)

Drunken Teamsters Horsing Around at River's Edge (CJ 59:2)

N.N. (CJ 52:4)

The Aggadah of Spiritual Integrity (CJ 58:2-3)

The TalLit: the mythic dimensions of a garment (CJ 44:2)

The Woman with a Mouthful of Coins (CJ 58:1)

Like Sheep without a Shepherd (looking forward)

The Pulpit Is the Great Lab (CJ 52:2)

What Laban Knew

Grant Many Visions!

The Miracle of Chanukah Revisited (Outlook 68:2)

Virility and Piety

A Pair of Kings

The Names of Biblical Verses (Dor Le-Dor 18:4)

The Stuttering Halakhot and Tikkun Olam (MMX Tikkun Olam)

August in Light (MMX Birkat Kohanim)

Death is But a Dream (MMX KAddish)

Death and His brother sleep (MMX Modeh Ani)

The extra soul and the common heart (MMX Havdalah)

The Convert as newborn (Zeramim 2:1)

Rabbinic Self-Confidence - Bending the World to the Word (Zeramim 2:3)

Choosing the path of Life in Old Jerusalem and Today (MMX U-Vacharta)

Text, Light, and Meaning (MMX The Search for Meaning)

al parashat d’rakhim: The negotiated crossroads as rabbinic metaphor (Zeramim 3:2)

the forgotten detail (MMX Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh)

the fragile sabbath (MMX V’shamru)

Introducing chumash kol ha-tor and Megillot kol ha-tor: some preliminary considerations (Zeramim 3:3)